Holy Rock



ASTONISH is a collective of seven female contemporary jewellery makers sharing a common passion: (gem) stones. For third consecutive year, they will exhibit their work at INTERNATIONALE HANDWERKSMESSE (IHM) in Munich, March 2018


Child of the elements.

You connect us to the past and our memories. You give us silence and peace. Hypnotized, we gaze at you when exploring your inner worlds. Born from time and the forces of nature you are everlasting and the matter of our making.

Every Rock is holy, indeed. From stones as silent observers, we make valuable experiences, we communicate through our making. Find the seven makers of ASTONISH for the third consecutive year at SCHMUCK, to pay hommage/tribute to ‘THE HOLY ROCK’ in you and me.

So let us celebrate together Gems and Jewels.

ASTONISH 2018 at Internationale Handwerksmesse München, from the 7th to the 13th of march in Hall B1, Stand-No. 759.


Are u ready to Rock..?


ASTONISH is a group of 7 female contemporary jewellery artists who are organizing a stand at the INTERNATIONALE HANDWERKSMESSE in Munich in 2017. We are a group since the end of 2015 and we already took part once at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich this year. Due to our students small purse and changes in the sponsoring comparing to the last year, we want to go the way through Startnext and give you also the opportunity to get amazing rewards. 🙂

Support now!

What is this project all about?

ASTONISH is a contemporary jewellery project of 7 artist from 5 different countries. With this project we want go organize an exhibition during the Internationale Handewerksmesse (IHM) in Munich in 2017. The IHM is a 7 day fair and at the same time with „Schmuck“ .

Schmuck“ is the most important event in the international contemporary jewellery field and takes also place in Munich. This means that this fair is one of the major platforms for a get-together and interchange between contemporary jewellery makers, galleries, collectors and enthusiasts.

ASTONISH shows the work from 7 fresh, young jewellery artists who all faced the topic of stones. Whether we love, hate or leave the material at all – you can find 7 individual ways of dealing with it.

We want to arise peoples’ curiosity, to make them happy and to get ASTONISHed.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

ASTONISH is a group of students and recent alumni – that means we are all starters in the contemporary jewellery world. For starters it is always hard to be seen and recognized in the real world. Out of this reason we want to make a sign and show that we can make a booth next to really well-known and established galleries and exhibitors. We want to show that enthusiasm and hard work pays off and we will be seen. Also we want to encourage other starting artists to make the big step and take a stand at the fair to refresh the existing order.

Why would you support this project?

If you would support us, first you will help us to make our dream come true. But you can also make your own dream come true. Did you ever wanted to cut your own stone in any shape? Now you can get this chance to do this. Or maybe you want to decorate your house with a really special flowerpot out of agatestone with some seeds? Here is the chance. And because we are all jewelers you also can get the possibility to get a nice piece of handcrafted individual jewellery.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

If the project is successfully funded, ASTONISH can pay the stand fee plus the major material costs of the stand. And then we will be presented at the IHM Fair in Munich and can get in touch with the audience and encourage colleagues to do the same. But we want you to know, that the cost are in fact higher. With this crowdfunding project we just want to reduce the expenses of the stand to an affordable amount for us students and recent alumnis. That means, we also put our own money in the big pot.

Of course we don’t get any salary and we pay our traveling cost and expenses for overnight accommodation on our own.

If this project is successfully funded, maybe it will be also possible for us to join other exhibitions or show our work in different places.

Who are the people behind the project?

ASTONISH is a group of 7 female artists, who all met during their studies. We are a group since the end of 2015 and we already took part once at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Munich this year.

A remarkable aspect is our internationality. We are from 5 different countries: Gabriela Cohn and Eva Burton are from Argentina, Sharareh Aghei is iranian, Helen Habtays origin is in Eritrea, Pia Groh and Stephanie Morawetz are from Austria and Julia Obermaier is german. We are organizing and networking the ASTONISH project from different countries in Germany, Barcelona and Israel.

So as you can see we are a colorful group, trying to build up a huge project and get people ASTONISHed. We are all enthusiastic and working hard that our dream come true. We are grateful if you would support us! Thank you!