Holy Rock



ASTONISH is a collective of seven female contemporary jewellery makers sharing a common passion: (gem) stones. For third consecutive year, they will exhibit their work at INTERNATIONALE HANDWERKSMESSE (IHM) in Munich, March 2018


Child of the elements.

You connect us to the past and our memories. You give us silence and peace. Hypnotized, we gaze at you when exploring your inner worlds. Born from time and the forces of nature you are everlasting and the matter of our making.

Every Rock is holy, indeed. From stones as silent observers, we make valuable experiences, we communicate through our making. Find the seven makers of ASTONISH for the third consecutive year at SCHMUCK, to pay hommage/tribute to ‘THE HOLY ROCK’ in you and me.

So let us celebrate together Gems and Jewels.

ASTONISH 2018 at Internationale Handwerksmesse M√ľnchen, from the 7th to the 13th of march in Hall B1, Stand-No. 759.