Sharareh Aghaei

Born in Iran. 2003 to 2008 studied Bachelor of Art, Handicrafts, Metalsmithing, Art University of Tehran. 2007 to 2009 Participant of the private jewelry design courses, Giv Atelier, Tehran. 2013 Internship at Uniquat jewelry co., Berlin. 2014 graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gemstone and Jewellery at University of Applied Sciences Trier, Department Idar-Oberstein. Since 2015 master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Gemstones and Jewellery, Idar-Oberstein. Made during her studies an exchange semester at the Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School, Florence. Lives and works in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.


Identity is in my association the insight world of each individual. It reminds me of an unclear, blurry picture or a dream. In presenting my jewelry, I tried to implement the above-mentioned idea of identity.They consist of several layers. In real, material life, we see only the last layer, only the surface. But it is deeper and more complicated than what we can ever see. Our identity stays as a psychological constant over the entire life. It hides in us. We feel a sense of ourselves, but sometimes we act unconsciously what our Identity brings to us.

Sharareh_Aghaei-Untitled01 web

Untitled – Brooch – resin, coffee pad, sliver, enameled copper, steel – 100 x 80 x20 mm – 2014 – Photo by Sharareh Aghaei

Sharareh_Aghaei-Untitled02 web

Untitled – Necklace – slate rock, Angelite, resin, silver, iron – 350 x 200 x 30 mm – 2014 – Photo by Sharareh Aghaei

Sharareh_Aghaei-Untitled03 web

Untitled – Necklace – resin, coffee pad, enameled copper, thread – 250 x 180 x 30 mm – 2014 – Photo by Sharareh Aghaei